Car Rental - Terms & Conditions

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All rates include: Unlimited mileage, third party insurance, free p/up-d/off from-to port/airport, VAT.

Do not include: Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W.), Personal Accident Insurance ( P.A.I. ), Theft Waiver (T.W.), Full Damage Waiver (F.D.W.) .

-Minimum rental period is one day (24 hours). After the end of 24 hours for every hour delay in return of the vehicle the customer is charged at 1 / 5 of daily rate.

In case of cancellation of a reservation, during the period of 21 days before the rental starting day, the company returns the 100% of the deposit per reservation. If cancellation is made within a period of less than 14 days before the rental starting day, the company is obliged to return the 50% of the total deposit per reservation. If cancellation is made within a period of less than 7 days before the rental starting day, the company is obliged to return the 30% of the total deposit per reservation. And if cancellation is made within a period of less than 24 hours or 3 days before the rental starting day, the company has the right not to return the deposit. The cancellation must be sent in writing to our e-mail.

If the renter does not appear to collect the car at the agreed date and time without any prior written or telephone notice, the company will cancel the reservation after 3 hours. The company has the right to charge the renter the full deposit of the car group reserved.

Working hours: 08.00am – 22.00pm
Extra cost for pick-up/drop off outside working hours: Charge 25,00€

- The prospective tenant must be at least 23 years old, with a driver's license issued at least one year ago.
- Maximum age is 70 years
- Driving license : Greek , European (for EU countries) or International (for China , USA , Australia , Canada)
- Personal credit or debit card

* CREDIT CARD IS OBLIGATORY and it will be used by our company only in case of damage to the rental vehicle or in case of any fine occurred of violation of the traffic code.

- Necessarily, a valid legal driving license, issued at least one year ago
- Personal credit card
- The vehicle is delivered clean ( internally and externally ) and in excellent condition in terms of maintenance. The tenant will have to return it as he received it as well as at the same fuel level as it was when he picked it up. Otherwise the tenant is charged with the current price per liter for the remaining fuel

- The driver registered in the lease contract is the only person allowed to drive the vehicle
- The company has the right to request the return of the car if it is comes to our attention that someone else is driving it (except the registered driver) without informing our office
- In case we notice that the vehicle is circulating with more than 5 people (excluding vehicles with additional seats) the tenant must return it immediately as soon as requested by the company and without any refund requirement. He also pays the fine of 200€ due to excessive wear of the vehicle

- If an accident occurs during the lease, the driver must inform the health center if necessary, our company and the traffic police in order to draw up an incident report
- In case of an accident with minor material damage, the driver may at his discretion decide if it is safe to continue with the same vehicle or request its replacement
- If the accident is not addressed by the traffic police , the driver must note the registration number of the vehicle with which he came in contact, the driver's name, telephone number and the insurance company that covers the other car as well as take some photos, then must inform us about the circumstances of the accident

- All fines and administrative penalties are burden the tenant
- In case the tenant does not pay the fines , there will be an Administration charge of 20 € in addition to the fine

- Our company has a copy of the key for each vehicle. In any case , if the tenant does not have the car key, he must inform us immediately so that we can send him the spare key
- The cost of construction of a new key burdens exclusively the tenant and the amount is 250€

- Fuels burdens exclusively the lessee and we do not make a refund in case the car is returned by the lessee with more fuel than it had at the pickup
- The tenant has the obligation to return the vehicle with the same fuel level that the vehicle had at the pickup , otherwise the tenant will be charged with the fuel difference and the supply cost
- Vehicles are delivered with a minimum amount of fuel corresponding to ¼ of the tank
- Supply charge : 20€

- The tenant is not allowed at any way to transport the vehicle outside Milos island
- In case of violation of this condition, the tenant is charged with the amount of 500€

- Our company provides baby and child seat. WE NOT take responsibility for their placement
- Seat patterns may vary

- The price per day paid by the tenant for the car includes the basic Roadside Assistance (transport of the vehicle in case of a car accident)

* Small vehicles are not allowed to visit the west and east side of the island. There is no insurance coverage for conventional cars and any damage to the car will be borne by the tenant. There is a penalty of 500€ for the service and transport of a conventional vehicle in case of crossing the red line.

The processing of the data provided by the customer relates only to the procedures which are necessary for the reservation and further no data transfer or use takes place

*** The court of Hermoupolis Syros is responsible for resolving any disputes

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