Greek Easter

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Let's celebrate the Greek Easter in Milos!

Easter (Paska) is the most important holy day in Greece.
During Easter week, known as the Great Week (Megali Evdomada), you will find rich pageantry and deep devotion. There is also joyous celebrating. The forty day fasting period (nistia) is over and Greeks are ready to resume eating meat, butter and milk products. Each region of Greece has several special local customs during Easter.
You will get a memorable insight to how the people of Milos spend their Easter. It will be a very local and authentic experience and apart from the Easter celebrations you will take part in culinary culture, too.


  • Good Friday Procession through the village streets
  • Decorating Easter eggs. You can't spend Easter without decorating Easter eggs, the symbol of life. Holy Thursday is the traditional day to dye eggs a vivid bright red representing the color of life (known as kokkina paskalina avga)
  • Greek Easter culinary class. A fun culinary class to learn how to make "koulouria" cookies and "tsoureki", the traditional Easter bread.
  • Good Friday, night of the Resurrection, watch monks take the icon of Christ off the cross, wrap it in linen and put it in a flower covered casket adorn with flowers symbolizing the tomb of Christ.
  • Holy Saturday – midnight. When the priest announces the resurrection of Christ (Christos anesti – Christ has risen), you light your candle from the priest's Holy Flame flown in from Christ's nativity cave in Jerusalem, or from the person next to you.
  • Sunday Easter. We start with the "baroutopolemos" – fireworks competition among the villages of Triovasalos and Pera Triovasalos. A custom that is kept from the Ottoman era. Traditionally on Easter Sunday we roast a whole lamp over a charcoal spit and we do the egg-cracking contest to see who will have luck for the rest of the year. Breaking the eggs symbolizes Christ's breaking from the tomb. You'll have your grand afternoon dinner/lunch at a waterside tavern. Late afternoon you can enjoy the burning if Judas: A human-sized doll made of old clothes is set aflame symbolizing the burning of Judas. The fast is over and time to feast. Bring ear plugs for the ensuing explosion of fireworks!!!
Easter Holiday 
2016 | 25th April to 2nd May
2017 | 10th April to to 17th April

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