One Day Chef

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dakos, burley rusk dakos, burley rusk

... because there's more to greek cuisine than moussaka!!!
Athena Travel Services offer you the chance to explore the Melian and Cycladic cuisine in one day!!
Cook the best and most popular Cycladic dishes and enjoy unique tastes and special cooking tips!

A one day cooking course with our chef will provide you with knowledge and techniques of our local, traditional cuisine. Learn with us and then impress your friends back at home!

Melian Cuisine is mostly based on greens, herbs, local cheese, fresh pasta and olive oil, of course! Together we will create some of the best traditional first course dishes with fava, chickpeas, fennel, sun-dried tomatoes, local cheese, eggplants and more. Amazingly tasty ingredients that you will also easily find at your own country afterwards!

The Cycladic Cuisine can demonstrate incredible variety in main course dishes! You will have the chance to experiment and taste mouthwatering recipes with meat, fish, seafood as well as fresh and dry vegetables that will conquer your pallet and your heart and become part of your daily meal choices even back at home! Many of these dishes will be cooked in traditional wood oven!

Using very simple ingredients, like honey, nuts, fruit, flour and local cheese you will try making traditional Cycladic sweets and desserts.

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