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This private tour will take you to the most important archaeological sites in Milos, with the accompaniment of a local guide to narrate the island's rich history.

- Our first stop is the Archaeological Museum in Plaka, where you will see exhibits dating from at least 3,000 BCE and the prehistoric settlement of Phylakopi in the northern coast of the island. There also is a replica of the statue of Venus de Milo in the museum. An insightful tour of the exhibits, combined with our guide's extensive knowledge of the subject matter, will answer all your questions and excite your curiosity for the island's past.

- Next, we will visit the Ancient Roman Theater in the village of Tripiti, which has recently been partially restored to more than half of its original capacity in ancient times. The beautiful view, overlooking Klima village and the sea, the perfectly engineered acoustics and the Doric simplicity and minimalism of marbles and rocks will amaze you!

- On our way back from the Theater we will make a brief stop at the discovery site of the statue of Venus de Milo, where you will find out how a local farmer discovered this international symbol of beauty by accident more than two centuries ago and how the statue eventually ended up at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

- Last stop is the world famous Catacombs, a few minutes walk from the Ancient Roman Theater. Dating from the first centuries of the expansion of Christian faith in the Mediterranean basin, followers of the religion had no choice but to covertly practice their faith by gathering in an extensive underground system of caves dug into the soft pyritic rock of the hill.

Duration: 5h

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