Boat Tours

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Kleftiko Kleftiko

Milos is known as an island of natural beauty!

On the island there are so many beaches, bays and gulfs that it is hard to visit all them by land; Vani, Kalogries, Kleftiko, Gerakas, Tsigrado, Theiorixia, Glaronissia and so many others...

Anyone who visits Milos must have a boat tour for a day!

You can choose between a Catamaran boat, traditional wooden boats, sailing boats or speed boats.
Most of the tours depart from Adamas port, some from the small port of Pollonia and some other from Agia Kyriaki.

Sailing starts early morning and the return is late afternoon during sunset.
Breakfast, lunch, snacks, beverages and coffee is included and usually cooking is part of the tour.
You will enjoy day swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing.
You will see so many different landscapes and colors that you will promise to yourself to return!!!

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