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Come join us in a tour around the island and visit sites and areas with geological significance! Accompanied by a local guide you will get the breakdown on science, history, ecology and culture and how all these fields have been in a constant dialogue with each other in Milos for more than four millennia.

- We start the tour with a half-hour stop at the Mining Museum of the island in Adamas.

- Afterwards, we make a quick stop at the geothermal Hot Springs in Kanava and then off we go to visit a Volcano! Do not worry, this one has been inactive for tens of thousands of years, however there still is some mild volcanic activity going on, namely the Kalamos Fumaroles. One could fry an egg on these rocks and you will get to see that!

- After that you will spend an hour at the beach of Paliochori, where you can find a restaurant that uses hot spots under the sand to cook food!

- We leave for Papafragas Bay in the north, making a quick stop for pictures at the Aggeria Mining Site, one of the largest bentonite mines in the world. In Papafragas you will be introduced to the geological and mining history of the area.

- Our last stop is the world famous beach Sarakiniko, where you will admire a large area covered in white rocks that resembles the surface of the moon. This is truly a unique place to visit and what a memorable ending to our tour!

Available every: MONDAY | WEDNESDAY | FRIDAY
Duration: 5h30min

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