Private tours by car

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Private tour Around Milos Private tour Around Milos

Athena Travel Services offers you the opportunity to have a private tour by car (2- 4 passengers). 

Our driver and guide will drive you around the island and follow a sightseeing route tailor-made to your interests. 

When Milos is simply a stop over island while you are hopping around the Cycladic islands by private boat, we can offer a tour Around Milos, to show you the most popular and beautiful sights, beaches, museums etc.

On the other hand if you are interested in the important ancient history of Milos, an experienced guide will take you to all the important spots such as the Ancient Theater, the ancient town of Filakopi etc and he/she will give you all the information about the ancient inheritance of our island.

Finally we can also arrange a religious tour of the island by car.  Milos has been declared a Holy Island by the Orthodox Church of Greece.  A guide will take you around the churches and chapels of the island, to the ecclesiastical museum and also to the Catacombs and will provide you with all the information you would like to have.

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